Business Summary of Netloc
Netloc Co., Ltd.        
Head Office (Minato Ward, Tokyo)/Tohoku Office (Sendai, Miyagi Pref.) /Higashi-Ohgijima Logistics Center (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Pref.)        
July 11, 2000       
JPY 80,000,000       
-Proposing logistics system renovation
(including planning/design/system construction)
-Fulfillment of warehouse operations, distribution and processing, and call center operations
-Support of development, import, and development of PRIVATE BRAND (providing trading company functions)
-Supporting Japanese companies to expand business in Thailand
(including legal, accounting, and IT support)
-License for first class consigned freight forwarding business
-License for general worker dispatching undertakings
-Registered warehouse provider
-License for import and wholesale of alcoholic beverages
Joint center for restaurant chain       
Joint logistics center for the Tokyo metropolitan area
Vanning Master(auto-loading system)
Support of product development and sales
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